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From logos and branding to marketing collateral and web graphics, our graphics design service can help you elevate your visual brand identity and strengthen your online presence
Ekopii Limited UI-UX design

UI/UX design

User Interface and User Experience, or UI/UX, is the term for the process of designing and creating digital products, such as websites, mobile apps, and software programs, with an emphasis on the requirements, preferences, and interactions of the user.

The goal of UI/UX design is to create interfaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, simple to use and navigate, and that offer a satisfying user experience. This entails planning the product’s general interaction flow, usability, and accessibility as well as the layout, font, colors, and other visual components.

Intuitive, engaging, and pleasurable digital goods that satisfy the needs and expectations of the target customers are the aim of UI/UX design. An effective UI/UX design can increase user pleasure and decrease user annoyance.


In the field of graphics design, the creation of a distinctive and memorable visual identity for a brand, business, or organization is referred to as logo design. A logo is a symbol or emblem that represents a company’s identity, values, and personality.

It is typically the part of the brand identity that people are most familiar with. In order to effectively transmit the intended message or impression to the target audience, logo design entails developing a unique and effective visual design that is simple, scalable, and versatile.

A logo should be made to stand out and be remembered, and it might incorporate typography, forms, colors, and other visual elements. Creating a powerful and enduring brand identity that appeals to the target market is the aim of logo design.

Ekopii Limited logo design
Ekopii Limited banner design


In graphic design, the process of producing visual visuals to market and advertise goods, services, events, or ideas is referred to as banner/poster design. Designing a banner or poster often entails generating a large-format visual that can be viewed online, in public places, or on social media platforms.

The design may contain text, pictures, and other visual elements that convey a particular message to the intended audience.

Designing banners and posters involves a thorough understanding of typography, layout, color, and composition, as well as the ability to produce eye-catching images that draw the spectator in.

Creating a strong visual impression that enhances brand awareness, engages the audience, and motivates action is the aim of banner/poster design.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is a style of animation that blends typography, audio, and graphic design components to produce visually stimulating and dynamic content. Motion graphics are frequently utilized in video production, advertising, and multimedia projects to visually compel and amuse audiences while delivering complicated information or concepts.

Motion graphics can feature 2D or 3D elements, as well as special effects and transitions, and can be produced using a variety of software programs, such as Adobe after Effects. With the help of motion graphics, information, ideas, or messages may be effectively conveyed to a target audience in a way that is both educational and enjoyable.

Ekopii Limited motion design service
Ekopii Limited Our Working Process
why choose Ekopii Limited for graphics design

Why Choose Us?

⇒ Creative and experienced designers with a passion for design.

⇒ Customized designs tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

⇒ A collaborative design process with multiple design options to choose from.

⇒ Exceptional customer service and support.

⇒ High-quality designs that stand out in your industry.

⇒ Competitive pricing and transparent project pricing.

⇒ Fast turnaround times and on-time project delivery.

⇒ A focus on creating cohesive brand identities and visual messaging.

⇒ A deep understanding of design trends and tools, and a commitment to staying up to date.

⇒ A proven track record of successful design projects and satisfied clients.

⇒ A diverse portfolio of work across a wide range of industries and design styles.

⇒ A commitment to ethical and sustainable design practices.

⇒ A focus on user experience (UX) design and research to ensure that our designs are not only visually appealing, but also intuitive and user-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helping people understand the process before they begin can provide several benefits. It offers peace of mind, allows you to explain your process, and build credibility, and even gives you a chance to allow people to ask about changes or alterations that they may have.

Explain here how much involvement clients have throughout the design process, too, so everyone knows what to expect. Ultimately, you want to make sure that you give everyone reassurance and trust by being
transparent and thorough in your explanations.

If you look around right now, at this very moment, while you are reading this blog, you’ll see several applications of graphic designing.

The web page on which you are reading this blog, the coffee mug on your table, the pack of cookies you just opened is the work of creative design. Every day, we see endless examples of design applications around us.

Speaking of business applications, here are some basic areas where graphic design is used the most and is required the most: –
• Logo design
• Corporate identity/branding/Digital Marketing
• Web design/ App design
• Outdoor & Signage
• Package design (from water bottles to appliances)
• Printed design (books, flyers, magazines, newspapers)• Album covers
• Film and television titles and graphics
• T-shirt and clothing designs
• Greeting cards

Not to worry, we’ll give you the final print or web-ready files. And yes, it’s best to ask us to do any updates to your brand identity and marketing material or website when you need them.

Please let us know if you need the ‘source files,’ and your fee proposal will consider that. To use your source files, you will also need the high-end design software we use and the know-how and expertise to manipulate the files.

The better option is to have us make updates to the files. This is why you hire us as experts in our field, to help free your time from tasks outside your expertise.

Some graphic design companies offer low pricing up-front but then charge a premium for revisions.
Other firms may place a limit on revisions. These restrictions can impede the creative process and
leave clients with designs that don’t meet their specifications or expectations. Understanding the
design company’s revision policy is critical before signing a contract.

Ekopii does not charge for revisions. We know that revisions are just part of the process, and we build that into the agreed, individual price-per-project. This means our clients can choose a design and then tweak it to achieve the perfect look for their brand.

Typical projects go through two or three revisions that may include colour, fonts, and layout tweaks, though some will require more and fewer revisions.

Understanding who owns the rights to the design is extremely important. If the graphic design
company owns the rights, clients may have to attribute the work every time it is used.

This can create a hassle and potential legal snafus. Look for a design company that gives up all rights to the copy, allowing your organization to use the design freely and without attribution.

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