Inventory software, also known as inventory management software or inventory control software, is a specialized tool that helps businesses effectively track, manage, and control their inventory. It provides a centralized platform for organizing and ensuring that businesses have the right products available at the right time.

Ekopii proudly presents its Inventory Software, a comprehensive solution designed to revolutionize the way businesses manage their inventory and streamline their operations.

Let’s explore the key features of our Inventory Software:

Our Inventory Software includes robust general accounting capabilities, allowing you to keep track of your financial transactions, manage expenses, and generate accurate financial reports.
Efficiently manage your receivables with our Accounts Receivable module. Track outstanding customer invoices, monitor payment statuses, and streamline the invoicing process.
Simplify your vendor payment process with the Accounts Payable functionality. Keep track of your outstanding bills, manage payment schedules, and ensure timely payments to your suppliers.
From creating purchase orders to managing vendor information and tracking delivery schedules, this feature enables you to optimize your purchasing operations and maintain optimal inventory levels.
Take control of your inventory with our advanced Inventory Management capabilities. Track stock levels, manage product variations, set reorder points, and generate real-time reports to make informed decisions.
Boost your sales performance with our Sales Management module. From managing customer orders to tracking sales performance, this feature provides you with valuable insights into your sales pipeline, customer preferences, and revenue generation.
Effortlessly manage your product catalog with our Product Management functionality. Maintain accurate product information, manage pricing, and easily update product details.
Our Inventory Software features a dynamic and intuitive dashboard that provides a holistic view of your business operations. Monitor key metrics, track inventory movements, and access real-time reports for informed decision-making.
Our Inventory Software offers a wide range of pre-built reports, including inventory valuation, sales analysis, financial statements, and more. Leverage these reports to identify trends, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.