WhatsApp Marketing Software

WhatsApp marketing software is a tool designed to facilitate marketing and communication efforts through the WhatsApp messaging platform.

Ekopii’s innovative WhatsApp Marketing Software is designed to empower businesses of all sizes, our cutting-edge solution offers a comprehensive set of features to help you connect with your target audience like never before.

Key features and functionalities of WhatsApp marketing software include:

You can send WhatsApp bulk messages to people whose mobile numbers are not kept on your phone by using the ekopii WhatsApp software. Select the message you want to send and upload the WhatsApp numbers of the people to whom you want to send it to the Excel file. Everyone will receive an automatic bulk message via the ekopii's WhatsApp software. You have no character limits when sending anything, including text, images, and videos.
Many people report that employing software from multiple suppliers results in the suspension of their WhatsApp account. Automatic Anti Blocking Technology and Message Delay Management are features of our program. Wait 10 seconds after sending a message before sending another one. After every 10 messages, wait 3 minutes before sending the message once more.
Those who do not have a WhatsApp account on their number, but you are also allowing them to use WhatsApp API Call to send Bulk Messages, are the main cause of account suspension during Bulk WhatsApp Marketing. If you input a cellphone number in an excel file to our software, the program will automatically separate the numbers that have WhatsApp accounts from those that do not.
With the ekopii restricted whatsapp program, there are a lot of capabilities to gather WhatsApp numbers of targeted clients, including: Any WhatsApp group's members' WhatsApp numbers will instantly be downloaded in an Excel file if you provide the group's link. Additionally, you can get WhatsApp numbers by using alternative Google search terms.
Ekopii's WhatsApp software can automatically add everyone to your WhatsApp group if you submit your WhatsApp contacts in an Excel file. You can search certain WhatsApp groups with the help of the ekopii-restricted WhatsApp program and, if you'd like, automatically join various WhatsApp groups.
You may quickly configure Auto Replay depending on the different keywords of your clients using the Ekopii-restricted WhatsApp Chatbot. Ekopii's WhatsApp Chatbot includes a ton of capabilities, and chatbots may be created by varying the way circumstances are established.